52 coffees | an experiment in sharing life and stories

hey, i'm haley...as most of you know.

i'm curious to a fault and eternally optimistic about the human race. i'm an adventurer who seeks out stories as much as i seek out undiscovered places. i'm an idealist who sees the world as it could be. i'm a girl who documents her life through photographs.

i believe that everyone has a story to tell, whether or not you find yours worthy of telling. i try to find the gold in everyone i encounter because it's there. i think life is done best in community, while it can be hard, it is never boring. 

...i'm also a coffee addict. 

so...what does this have to do with 52 coffees?

everything. 52 coffees is a project i have decided to undertake to do exactly what i love: drink coffee with people to hear and document their stories. it will consist of 52 weeks (otherwise known as a year), 52 cups of coffee, 52 different people, and 52 stories.

t h e  p r o j e c t

the project is simple. every week for a year, i will take a new person out to coffee to document their story through writing and photography. each story will be accompanied by a portrait and some candid shots of the coffee shop we chose and our time spent together. it will begin with people close to me and hopefully will expand to people outside of my immediate sphere of influence.

t h e  g o a l

to share the stories of the people i am lucky enough to cross paths with. i want to inspire people to see their story as something worth sharing and to be interested in the stories of others. personally, i want to grow in my writing and photography as well as in listening and friendships. it is also a fantastic way to explore cafes in sydney, since i just moved here!

this idea came from a girl i met in a coffee shop, Eve. i overheard her talking about a project she had done and i was curious. i asked her about it and she shared with me the concept behind her project 50 coffees in 50 days. She was considering leaving her job and she had talked to a co-worker about it and her co-worker suggested that she should have 50 coffees meeting to gain insight into her decision from people with different backgrounds, interests and places. So, she did. She told me how life changing it had been and how she would definitely do it again. And that my friend, is where 52 coffees was born. 

the idea is not new. you can find it all over the web but this is my take on it and i hope you will follow along on the journey! who knows, maybe i'll contact you next!