Reading and watching the news reports on Nepal these days can be devastating. From death tolls rising daily to the people who are left homeless, the situation can seem hopeless. But, I genuinely believe there is hope. There is always hope. If we, as a global community, ban together to join in the rebuilding of Nepal with the Nepali people, it can and will happen. While you may think a small donation can't make a change, I believe differently. Your money can bring water, health care, housing and restoration to the Nepali people who were affected by this disaster. 

Since last week, we have raised $150 dollars to send towards Nepal! While I wish I could be there with the friends that I made while in Kathmandu, I know that money is probably the best way to aid in this situation at the moment (read more about this here). So thanks to all of you who have taken a part in this so far and lets keep Nepal in out thoughts and prayers even as it slowly gets taken off the news and moves away from headlines. You can still take part in donating directly through MercyCorps here, or if you would like to purchase a print from my time in Nepal you can head over to my online shop here