A couple of weeks ago, I had the amazing opportunity to shoot at Sydney Fashion Week. I shot behind the scenes at Han Studios. It was an incredible experience. Behind the scenes at a fashion show is like no other- adrenaline is pumping, clothes are flying, make up is being painted on and cameras are flashing everywhere. I am so thankful that I was able to be a small part of MBFWA this year and hope that at some point I will be able to be involved again!

The Stenbergs | Lifestyle Family Session

Meet some of my favourite people in Montreal: Hannah, Oliver and Cotton Stenburg. This family has been such a good friend to since we met about two years ago. Oliver is a set designer and together they own the coolest company around, Carriage 44. They also might be some of the most fashionable people I know. I am so thankful that I got to spend the day shooting with them. There is never a dull moment with a baby around. We started out the day with brunch in their home, then walked through the park near their house and ended the day in Griffintown! Hope you enjoy.